We are looking for sales representatives and partners for foreign distribution!

We are currently interested in:

Nordic countries: Sweden, Norway, Finland
United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland
Spain, Portugal
United States of America, Canada
Asian countries, Japan
Arab countries

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Our representatives abroad:


Imre Balog - Top Quality Bt
Petőfi Sándor utca 10
HU-6793 Forráskút
phone.: 0036-20-364-6478
fax.: 0036-62-287-619


Iazuri şi Acvarii | Mera Gavrilă-Ionuţ I.I.
Strada Teodor Pacateanu, nr.100
Arad, AR, 310263, Romania
phone.: +40 (0) 745 396 167
e-mail: contact@iazuri-acvarii.ro


Mühlviertler Diskuszucht
Gerhard Günterseder
An der Mauth 11
4210 Unterweitersdorf
phone: +43 6642301860
e-mail: diskuszucht@gmx.net
web: http://www.diskuszucht.net/ 


Wima Aquaristik
+49 511 85009636
web: www.wima-aquaristik.de 


Aqua-Terra d.o.o. 
Tomašica 71,
Garešnica, 43280, Croatia

phone: +385 43 544 171
fax: +385 43 544 911
e-mail: info@aqua-terra.biz


Our company is the exclusive representative of the following companies for the whole of the Czech Republic:

hw Wiegandt, Germany - technology: UV cleaners, reverse osmosis, aquarium needs
Sanders, USA - Artemie Sanders