Siberian Artemia KORAL

We are delivering the eggs of Artemia Koral in the packings mentioned below:



hatching percentage

term of hatching

recommended use

price including VAT 15%

Koral blue bag

550 g

82 %

24 – 36 hours

fry of tetras, cichlids, barbel, live bearers etc.

1 450 CZK

Koral dose

100 g


24 – 36 hours

fry of tetras, cichlids, barbel, live bearers etc.

   389 CZK

Koral dose

50 g


24 – 36 hours

fry of of tetras, cichlids, barbel, live bearers etc.

   205 CZK

For purposes of hatching artemia eggs the common tap water is sufficient with the addition of NaCl (rock salt) at a rate of 25 grams per 1 liter of water, the recommended dose is up to 15 ml of eggs per 1 liter of salted water. The optimum water temperature for hatching eggs is 23-25 degrees Celsius, a pH range of 8-9 (add the sodium bicarbonate at the tip of round knife). Apply the artemia eggs to cold water. Artemia Koral hatch in the range of 26-36 hours, usually about 30 hours. The hatching rate is according to the packaging, for 550 g packing is 82%.


1. Pour water at the appropriate temperature into the glass, add the measured amount of rock salt and artemia eggs, eventually sodium bicarbonate.
2. Apply strong aeration so that the entire content of the bottle can move.
3. After the hatching term shut off the air, wait for about 5 minutes, the nauplii can be siphoned from the bottom, where they are sucked into the fine sieve, subsequently rinse them with clean cold water and feed the fry.

Use only so quantity of eggs to hatching that it is possible to feed within 24 hours. Always close the bag or dose thoroughly, damp is damaging!

Keep the artemia in a cool place, ideally up to 4ºC, even in the freezer.

Note: Do not use acidic water and temperatures above 28 ° C for hatching artemia, otherwise the disintegration of nauplii may occur.