PROTOGEN with Spirulina

Carefree feeding for the finest fry


PROTOGEN with Spirulina is a dry, preserved concentrate of non-aggressive ciliates and rotifers of various sizes, cultivated on growth media, which are in contact with water and with the help of nutrients, contained in Protogen, will soon be alive and further developed.

The hatched culture of non-aggressive ciliates and rotifers is visible by the eye as a fine white mist, with a magnification of 25x-50x (strong magnifying glass or microscope) is possible to distinguish individual living creatures.


a) The pre-culture

Put about 1 gram of PROTOGEN granulate into about 1 liter of aquarium water in a small, best flat, glass or plastic container at a temperature of 18º - 25ºC and introduce fine airing + lighting.

Ciliates culture is usable after 24 hours and is still multiplying. Pipette the solution of the ciliates and dose it near the fry. Protogen does not need to be fed further, after 3 days it is necessary to replace the culture.

b) Direct use

Add 1 to 2 sticks of PROTOGEN directly into the aquarium to the fry that begins to swim. Add up to twice the number of sticks the next day. Growth media (sticks) should be carefully sucked up second to third day, growth culture can be attacked by mold.

Feed as needed until the fry takes larger food, such as freshly hatched artemia (Artemia salina).

Important warning:

Close the phial immediately and thoroughly, dampis damaging. In the dry state (until it is damp), Protogen has practically unlimited application time.

Do not use metal containers or water containing chlorine or other chemical contaminants, such as drug residues! In such a case, Protogen will not hatch.

Dose the pre-culture or sticks directly to the place where the fry is present!