The company EXOT HOBBY Ltd. was founded on May 5th, 2003. We continue from Vladimíra Suchánková - EXOT HOBBY, which has been operating since 1992. We are a family company, that aims to provide aquarists around the world with quality feeds for aquarium fish and other needs.

Who is who, or from beginning...

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Tomáš Suchánek (older)
has been keeping fish since he was seven years old. Since 1982, the surplus of its aquarium fish breed he sold to various interested hobbyists, breeders and traders. Since 1988, he has been working professionally. He is the main creator of S.A.K.'s great feed formulations.

Vladimíra Suchánková
the wife of Tomáš Suchánek (older), founded the company Vladimíra Suchánková - EXOT HOBBY, which since 1992 offers to the aquarists and other breeders the fodder, equipment and supplies for their pets. Most activities of this company were transferred to EXOT HOBBY s.r.o.

Tomáš Suchánek (younger)
middle son of Tomas Suchanek and Vladimira Suchankova, graduated from a biochemical high school. He has worked as a production master in aquarium production since 1997. Now he works as Manufacturing and Personnel Manager..

Mgr. Šárka Suchánková
wife of Tomáš Suchánek (younger), graduated from the Faculty of Education in Ceske Budejovice, which she completed in 1996. She is a co-founder of EXOT HOBBY s.r.o. together with Michala Suchánková. She is working as a financial accountant.

Ing. Jakub Suchánek
the youngest son of Tomas and Vladimira devoted to the economy of the company. In 2001 he completed his studies at the University of Economics, Prague, at the Faculty of Management in Jindrichuv Hradec. If you want to know about the business, just contact him.

Michala Suchánková
she has been linked to the company since 1997. She worked as an accountant and sales manager. In 1999 she married Jakub Suchánek. In 2003 she became founder, co-owner and CEO of EXOT HOBBY Ltd.